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Why Join  এ অনেক বিষয় রয়েছে, যা দ্বারা আমরা একে অন্যকে সহযোগিতা করতে পারি। অন্যদের পোস্ট করা বিষয়গুলো দেখুন, আপনিও অনুরুপ বিষয় থেকে যুক্ত  করুন। প্রতি সপ্তাহে ইমেইল ডাইজেস্ট পাঠানোর পাশাপাশি, ত্রৈমাসিক নিউসলেটার পাঠানো হয়।

  • Professional:

You can setup project/group with your peers or share your expertise to other members. you can write about your expertise in the blog or can be a writer of a published book. 

  • Student

You have nothing to loose but gain. For careers and education you can take the most of this service. See our education, volunteering and problem solving 

  • Non Resident Bangladeshi (প্রবাসী):

We always need help at abroad. We connect people using our various tools. As soon you are registered, you are connected.  You can write your problems and plans in the forum/groups. connect your family back home with message (SMS/Email) , to exchange video/photo. 

If you want to or already have a link with bangladesh(For foreigners), you can also join here. 

Resource available for everyone to:

  • Connect and Help
  • Have fun with photo, video, sending e-card. 
  • Professional and business success. 
  • Managing Project, group and organization
  • Publications
  • News update
  • Online research with polls and surveys
  • Training and workshop

See the full list of activities.

See a quick note about what we do? (click here)

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