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Recruiting Volunteer: It's really simple

We are recruiting following voluntary post. Student or professional 

Organizer: Where ever you live or what ever experience you have, You can register here and apply for a volunteer. We will guide you to become a successful. you can also post your CV. 

If you are good with web, writing, people management, we need you! You don’t have to be a technical expert. Familiarity as a user with web application is enough to enable you to help. What's more important is your ability to communicate and your interest in helping people. We need your help in web support, fund raising, event organizing, teaching etc.To apply as a organiser send your CV to: info@bangla

Area Organizer: To manage 5-10  organisers, we recruit an area organizer. 

Country Coordinator: We need one person from following countries to work as a Country Coordinator.

  • Australia
  • Asia Pacific countries
  • Middle East Countries
  • Canada
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Germany
  • France

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