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Bangladeshis in UAE: আমাদের দেশের আমলারা ভয় পায় অথবা সংকোচ করে এমন পদক্ষেপ নিতে...অথবা নিজের লাভ নেই ভেবে আগায় না.

As far we know, 2/3 lac Bangladeshi illegal immigrants are living here in UAE. our govt. don't even know about the exact number of legal residents, the question of illegal immigrants is so UAE, maximum middle-class workers are from India, Bangladesh, Philippines and Pakistan.

more or less, all the countries have illegal immigrants, but Bangladeshis are shockingly very large in number! that's why UAE govt. is saying that no new Bangladesh visa will issued until further notice and all the illegal immigrants have to leave. it's almost one year passed...and the time limit for leaving the country have also passed...but still i know lot of people who are coming to send money through us, are not leaving or not surrendered...i ask them about it, they are telling that they have spent lot of money to come here, do something better for their why should they go(?!)....actually, no one became illegal by his own will...some brokers (tout) and govt. officials are behind this...they are always playing with the fate of general people to make money...govt. is issuing passport without proper identification, educational qualification etc....i m sure, our govt. doesn't know how many Bangladeshis are living outside of the country (around the world), how are they, how are they earning, how are they passing their life to earning foreign currency for the country....India, Philippines, even Pakistan are not like that....they are very careful about their citizens...

আমাদের দেশের আমলারা ভয় পায় অথবা সংকোচ করে এমন পদক্ষেপ নিতে...অথবা নিজের লাভ নেই ভেবে আগায় না...check the below link to see how Philippine is going ahead:

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