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Importance of cover letter & its preparation.

Your CV is the most powerfull and important marketing tool that you have.Your CV represents yourself to the employer.To make your CV more effective and to the point cover letter plays very important role.And it adds more value to your CV.Cover letter is a letter written by you to the employer to demonstrate your skills and versatility more specifically.Most of the times employers don't spend too much time to check CVs.So,cover letter can help the employer to check your eligibility at a glance.

Now the question is how to write a cover letter ?Here I am trying to show how to write a good cover letter.

1.Tell the employer you are exactly what they are looking for.Add the experiences relating the post you are applying for. If you are a fresher no matter the experiences that you have relates or not.

2.Add your skills and trainings which may be effective for the post you are applying for.

3.Try to keep your cover letter simple and organized.

4.Do not add too much or unnecessary information in cover letter.

The following templates can be helpfull :


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