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Chhagalnaiya- the Upazilla of Feni District

Chhagalnaiya Upazilla
Chhagalnaiya is an Upazilla of Feni District in the division of Chittagong , Bangladesh. It lies in the southern part of the district, bordering Tripura state of India and Mirsharai Upazilla of Chittagong. Its total area 133.49 sq km. Chhagalnaiya has a population of 154,116 . Behind its named there have some story. Someone believed that contrary to a popular tale involving the visit of Mahatma Gandhi to ease communal tension of this area, along with his constant companion on tours, a goat ("chhagal" in Bangla), the name of this region considerably antedates that incident of communal riots in 1946. It is now believed that Chhagalnaiya is actually a derivative of Sagarnaiya or 'sea-sailor' as many people from this region used to go to the sea to earn their bread as fishermen in large sampan boats.
It is rich history and culture. The great medieval warrior Shamser Gazi hailed from Chhagalnaiya. It is also the birthplace of Sir A. F. Rahman, first Muslim Vice Chancellor of Dhaka University, Razia Sultana, professor of Bengali department in Dhaka University , Moniruzzaman Bhuiyan, lecturer of IIT in Dhaka University, Journalist Abdus Salam(Editor) etc.

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