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Bangladesh Film Festival- 11TH Rainbow Film Festival

 Until 2006 we organise Bangladesh Film Festival which was the only film festival in the UK exclusively dedicated to Bangladeshi cinema. After successfully running seven consecutive festivals we have involved many personalities and gain experience running a festival. In November 2006 we had decided to change the festival from “BANGLADESH FILM FESTIVAL” to “RAINBOW FILM FESTIVAL” focusing on Asian Films. And we have formed a strong festival committee including people from different background. Already we have confirmed film from many Asian countries. We successfully run the festival in 2007, 2008 and 2009.

The main festival will take place in various venues around East London and throughout London. The festival will screen films from Asian countries including short, documentary and features. All the films are with English sub-title.

A key target group of the festival is the local Asian population that otherwise would have no access to films. A number of films screened are particularly appropriate for families to enjoy, and provides a safe environment for some to come out and enjoy such cultural opportunities. However, the festival also aims to attract all audiences interested in discovering foreign film, and will provide English sub-titles and market the festival to these audiences.

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Dr. Radut | groupevent