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Inviting friend who & How!

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>>Inviting friend who & How!

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How  we can invite others? Can I invite my non-Bangladeshi friends? Or the website is only for Bangladeshi people worldwide?

We have 2 easy options to invite friends

1. Inviting with email address: Click there is link (underneath email address box) to import addresses from yahoo, hotmail etc. Just import and send invitation. We can also import from groups to join in the group. we can also email a page (any content) to any email address. just click on the 'email this page' at the bottom of the content. 

2. Inviting facebook friends: if we connect our facebook a/c (my account>facebook connect ) , then we get all contacts here. it's same as we invite in the facebook. 

Yes, we definitely encourage non-Bangladeshi, who can give positive contribution here. We have special group for them call Friends of Bangladesh. Please request them to join there. 

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