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Write your experience abroad: বিদেশে আপনার অভিজ্ঞতা লিখুন

Bangladeshi are now living every part of the world. In a small Welsh village (in United Kingdom), there are more than 200 Bangladeshi. We see similar phenomena in America, Europe, Middle east, Pacific and Australia. 

We find it interesting and different when we leave our country or live in another country. We, Bangladeshi worldwide, work hard and get success. It's sweet and sour experience, but we can share it. 

Many young Bangladeshi want to travel abroad for career, study, immigration. We need to share our practical knowledge for this. It helps our friends and relatives in making their life easier. 

Call for writing your experience: Let's make a true picture of our life abroad. Please write about your experience. You can write about

  • The day we leave Bangladesh,
  • We arrive in another country,
  • We starts a new career etc.

You can write in your own ways, with text, pictures and video. Visit our help section to find the guideline about adding your contents.

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